I’ve made it my personal mission to eat at every establishment at Old Town specifically so that when I have visitors wanting to check out Old Town- and they always want to check it out, I’l have a go to mexi restaurant to take them to. Casa Guadalajara if my new go to mexi joint in Old Town!

It was my first time at Casa Guadalajara and it was a great experience all around and they have the best homemade toritillas…Holy Cow, they were good!

The atmosphere was great and the service was even better. Everyone loved their food and I can’t wait to come back.

Shy A.


5 solid stars.
Excellent family environment, perfectly located in Old Town SD, friendly staff and above all the food is delicious and authentic.
Chips with salsa were so good that I ordered it 3 times lol
Enchiladas, Quesadillas and Carne asada or Carnitas tacos are the best here from all SD!
Give it a try and you will feel you went to Guadalajara, Mex for 1 hr
Will come back next time I stay in SD ūüôā

Anthony D.


* Gluten free review *

As far as gluten free Mexican food goes, Casa Guadalajara owns it!

They have a gluten fee menu with many options. Also, they will bring out gluten-free chips made specifically for you. Awesome! I’m always bummed out when I can’t eat chips from shared oil.

Their GF menu doesn’t appear to be online, but there are many great choices. I ended up getting the tacos de mariscos, which were awesome. ¬†I really want to go back to try out some of the other items!

Helpful hint: Park across the street at the business center on the weekends and avoid the crazy parking lot!

Caroline P.


The food was delicious. Ordered the tamale,Chile relleno, and chicken enchilada. The tamale was the best I ever had and being from California I’ve had my fair share of tamales. The Chile relleno was fresh and it wasn’t overly breaded. Staff was friendly. Good size portions for the cost. Will definitely come back.

Caitlynn B.


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Eddie Zepeva at Guadaljara. We have been going to this location in Old Town for over 15years, and so do all our friends from Arizona when they are here. Eddie has always made a point to check in and make sure service is optimum, he is hands on helping where needed, and is very proud of his restaurant and wants to ensure that others are too. It is rare to find such a personable manager in such a busy establishment. Diane Powers, you not only share with San Diego your amazing business talent, but your talent for picking such committed staff.”

Tammy W.


Love Love Love Casa Guadalajara!! ūüėČ Great service too!!!

Guille I,


Spending the day in the Old Town district of San Diego is always fun. ¬†On this particular day, I went with a good friend of mine to see “Little Shop of Horrors” on the stage at the Cygnet Theater. ¬†Great show! ¬†Afterwards we were craving some authentic Mexican food and we sure got our wish at Casa Guadalajara. ¬†The staff was friendly and efficient. ¬†The atmosphere on the outside patio was very decorative and comfortable. ¬†I only needed 1 margarita to satisfy my thirst, and we enjoyed some really delicious food. ¬†The chips and salsa were especially good as we got chips with 3 different colors. Viva Casa Guadalajara!

Martin M.


One of my favorites for lots of reasons: ¬†atmosphere, price, food, drinks and location…all are good! Love the flautas and the chicken mango quesadilla for starters. ¬†They serve a great guacamole too. ¬†Portions are good on everything I have ever ordered.¬† The outside patio is great and the live music is fun.

Terri D.


I just love a restaurant that never stops trying, never stops responding to changing tastes, never gets so complacent that it ceases to be good and fun. Casa Guadalajara offers a beautiful, comfortable setting and innovative, California Mexican cuisine which just rocks.

The owner bought the property years ago when the then-owner wanted to cut down the 200+ year old pepper trees on the property. It was a failed restaurant and the former owner thought more parking was the answer. Diane Powers saw the trees as an asset, not a liability. Okay, parking around the one in the parking lot can be interesting but I love them too.

In addition to a menu fo favorites with regular changes of some items, Casa Guadalajara offers a “seasonal” menu of about 15 specials in addition to the daily specials. I tried the Pollo Fundido yesterday and was blown away. It was a visual and taste feast! The presentation was elegant yet none of that cutesy stuff like canopies made of hollowed out cucumbers. It’s food that looks like food; it just looks like REALLY GOOD food!

Portions are large, prices are very reasonable, service is attentive but not hovering and then there are the “birdbath” margaritas. If you arrive when the restaurant is packed (which is quite a bit of the time), you can get a pager and walk next door to the Bazaar Del Mundo shops and look around. That sure beats waiting by the door like a bunch of vultures.

This has been one of my favorites for years and just gets better with each visit. The owner and chef are always looking to create new and appealing items for the menu and they really care about the dining experience.

Juan H.



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